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School Culture

Beacon’s school culture is rooted in the belief that all children can learn. Take a look around and you’ll see that the students are happy to be in school; they look forward to learning. The culture of the School supports and teaches children to respect each other. They learn to respect and cooperate with all students no matter their gender, their color, their physical appearance or their family organization. We don’t have bullies; we have students who help each other.

That’s because Beacon understands that our school culture influences each student’s success as a learner and as a citizen of many different communities. We use a curriculum called Pathways to Life Skills to teach children the skills they need to be successful in life, to become confident, capable and caring individuals. This social-emotional skills development is included in every component of the day and permeates Beacon’s entire culture. We teach Mindfulness and we model and practice conflict resolution. A community does not strive to be conflict free but rather to build systems for resolving conflicts in a peaceful and respectful way.

The entire School including students and families, faculty and administrators, build school culture everyday based on these principles. Beacon teachers recognize the importance of each student’s social emotional development. One way they show this is by keeping flexible in their class schedules to accommodate and process issues as they arise. Students learn that relationships, quality of community membership and balance between individual needs and the needs of the group are topics worthy of their time and attention. ¬†They learn that this is a process and that it is valued by the community. They gain a feeling of safety and confidence knowing the teachers will pause a lesson or schedule to address these matters. It is through our school culture and focus on social emotional development that’s Beacon educates students who are confident, capable children and young teens.