• The Arts

    Beacon inspires a love of the arts through dedicated class time in music, dance and visual arts. read more >

  • Elementary School

    The Elementary School’s student-centered program ensures that students master core academics while becoming adept problem solvers, innovative thinkers, and effective young citizens of the world. read more >

  • Middle School

    At Beacon, middle school students can safely navigate the intellectual, emotional, and social journey into adolescence. Our graduates are confident learners who are ready for success in high school and beyond. read more >

News & Announcements

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Learn more about how students and teachers are actively engaged in a variety of Project Based Learning activities. (read more...)
Middle School Teacher, Grades 7-8 Language Arts / Advisor, Angelina Gonzales touches on the topic of modeling and teaching students about how they can have an impact on the world. (read more...)
The Latest News from the Head of School.  This is a sample of the weekly letters emailed to parents from the Head's Office. (read more...)

Why Beacon?

8 Reasons Beacon Students Thrive (read more...)


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