• The Arts

    Beacon inspires a love of the arts through dedicated class time in music, dance and visual arts. read more >

  • Elementary School

    The Elementary School’s student-centered program ensures that students master core academics while becoming adept problem solvers, innovative thinkers, and effective young citizens of the world. read more >

  • Middle School

    At Beacon, middle school students can safely navigate the intellectual, emotional, and social journey into adolescence. Our graduates are confident learners who are ready for success in high school and beyond. read more >

News & Announcements

At Beacon we begin the process of academic and time management support when a student's grade drops below 80%. Why wait until 62%? (read more...)
See a list of events and schedule your visit now.  (read more...)
It feels like a humming hive of bees around here these last two weeks. We are very busy getting ready for the Family Fiesta. The art show is coming together and we are collecting some awesome silent auction items. The students, after a tour de force performance at the Spring Sing Fling, are focusing on the business of completing the first half of the last trimester.  (read more...)
Beacon is one of only three elementary schools listed in the East Bay section of this year’s “Best of the Best” issue of BayAreaParent magazine. (read more...)
Parents' Press readers voted Beacon Day School as the "Best Independent Middle School"! (read more...)

Why Beacon?

8 Reasons Beacon Students Thrive (read more...)


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