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Special Subjects


All Beacon students study Spanish, beginning in kindergarten. Our language classes prepare students to effectively use the Spanish language in and out of the classroom and develop a knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of Spanish cultures around the world. Our Middle School Spanish classes prepare students for continued study of Spanish in high school.


Beacon’s physical education class, called motor, begins in kindergarten and continues through Middle School. It addresses health and physical development, supports small and large motor development, and promotes team building, leadership, and cooperation.


Technology continues to change at a rate faster than ever imagined. We know that our students will work and live in a highly complex and technology-driven world. The Beacon program prepares children both conceptually and technically for the future, and is based on these guiding concepts:

  • Technology should be integrated into the curriculum in a way that enhances and expands our distinctive student-centered approach to learning.
  • Technology tools must be appropriate for various grade levels.
  • Student must learn to use technology and the internet in appropriate and safe ways.
  • Technology is a powerful tool to enhance exploration of the arts, creative expression, and innovative problem solving.

Students K-8 have access to a fully equipped computer lab. Computer stations are set in each classrooms to ensure full integration into the classroom curriculum. Specialist classrooms also have a computer station for research and presentation. In the Middle School, students utilize the computer lab with their core teachers. They also attend a Technology Management class that teach the Common Sense Media Curriculum. These resources are used to teach computer skills, including keyboarding and various applications; for research, communication, writing, presentation and collaboration; as well as to teach ethics and responsible use.