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 Elementary School

Beginning in kindergarten, elementary students reach a developmental level that makes them want to learn how to “do it all.” Throughout elementary school, students are developing concrete skills – reading, writing, speaking, listening, computation and problem solving, creating and expressing.

They need teachers to take the time to support them the what, how, or why of a lesson. We offer the reinforcement students need to feel confident they are on the path to success, introducing the right skill at the right time to each student so every student can achieve mastery and continual progress, whatever their pace.

In addition to language arts, math, science, and social sciences, Beacon offers computer training beginning at age 8 and Spanish language instruction beginning at age 5. Health and physical education instruction is provided at all levels.

Students are instructed in the visual arts, dance, and vocal and instrumental music each week by arts specialists who are practicing artists in the community. The arts programs celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity and are enhanced by core classroom instruction. In addition, conflict resolution, cooperation, self-regulation, and other social-emotional skills are taught and practiced throughout the Beacon community.

A Beacon Elementary Week

Outlined below is an example of a typical elementary weekly schedule. During a school day, a student may spend individual time with the teacher, work cooperatively in a group of three or four students on a specific skill or project, and participate in a lesson with the entire class.