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Academic Resources

Learning Specialists

Beacon employs a part-time learning specialist, Cindy Miner Kapelke, who has the dual role of supporting students’ learning needs and assessing students for admission. She works directly with the lower and middle school teachers to assess student needs and recommend appropriate supports, as needed.

Recommendations may include in-school tutoring, supervised by the Learning Specialist; referrals to outside tutors, educational therapists, or doctors; and/or further testing. She is available to teachers to help brainstorm modifications and accommodations for students who need them so that they can be successful learners and feel confident in themselves.

Applying to High School

Beacon provides a number of resources to help families navigate the high school admission process and select the high school that is the best fit for your family and your child. Beginning in grade 7, our staff provide helpful materials, updates, reminders, and a series of events including high school admissions test prep, high school group visits, and a Beacon alumni panel.