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Beacon Day School’s curriculum is robust, yet flexible, and tailored to each student’s ability and needs. The arts, foreign language, physical education, and social-emotional learning are inseparable from the core curriculum.

Classes are small and personalized to meet individual needs. Students learn by doing. Lessons are made relevant to our students’ diverse experiences of the world.

At every age level, daily instruction is grounded in current child development knowledge and matches how children actually grow and learn. Children of all abilities receive the support they need to achieve their personal best, together in the same classroom.

Beacon’s student-centered learning encourages children to continually progress as they master skills and subject matter. This approach benefits students of all skill levels, including gifted students who are ready to advance at an accelerated rate, and those students who need additional support or practice.

Regular observation, along with frequent formal and informal assessments, provides a detailed picture of each student’s progress toward mastery. Therefore, we know when students have achieved reliable proficiency – which we call mastery learning, defined as performing a skill correctly 8 out of 10 times – before they add the next layer of complexity to a skill. This way, students tackle each new challenge from a strong foundation.

As a result, Beacon students are confident, motivated learners for life.