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Parents and guardians are an integral part of the Beacon community. We have opportunities for everyone, from one-time events to ongoing programs, from providing classroom assistance to teachers, to organizing activities and events from home.

While there are no specific volunteer requirements, we encourage each parent and guardian to volunteer in some capacity for the Beacon Family event (BBQ or Fiesta) in June, and for two additional non-classroom activities throughout the school year. When every parent volunteers at this suggested level, the volunteer load will be equitably distributed among our families. We offer jobs that are big and small to suit all schedules, and all participation is greatly appreciated.

Lower School: Parent/guardian participation in classroom activities is highest in the Lower School, especially in the younger grades, and is coordinated through the BFA Classroom Representatives and the individual teachers.

Middle School: Parent/guardian participation in the Middle School is highly valued. While adolescents’ readiness for independence means less classroom volunteering, Beacon offers alternative ways to be involved in school life.

You can get involved in many ways. Look for announcements of specific opportunities throughout the year, or contact the BFA or your student’s teacher.