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Our Approach

At Beacon Day School, we share a single vision: to prepare our students to be passionate, life-long learners who are productive, healthy contributors in an ever-changing world. Beacon has delivered on this promise since 1982, because Beacon Day School is as powerful and innovative in its practice as it is in its theory.

Flexible and personalized

We know that every child can learn, but not on the same day, at the same time, or in the same way. Our learning environment is nothing less than hand-crafted for our real and present students. Each classroom is organized into small, flexible pace groups that allow teachers to know precisely when each student is ready to progress or needs extra help.

More of what students need

Beacon provides more of what students need when they need it, so they can reach beyond their perceived limitations and achieve their absolute best with the confidence and joy that come only from experiencing success.

  • More time: Open year-round at the elementary grades and extending into July in the middle school, Beacon provides the time to explore subjects in depth and at the pace appropriate to each student, without the need for homework until 5th grade.
  • More convenience: Our schedule meets the needs of modern families by alleviating summer childcare and activity costs and fully accommodating individual vacation plans. Our extended day options are flexible. Plus less homework means more family activity time.
  • More relevance: Our school is our students’ workplace, where much of the program is devoted to individual student projects and composing original works – written, visual, or in other media. Our students are made active in their education.
  • More art: Every Beacon student receives hundreds of hours of arts instruction in music, dance, drama, and visual arts each and every year.
  • More skills: We integrate social-emotional learning throughout the curriculum, so students practice fundamental life skills – building self-esteem, leadership, cooperation, and decision-making abilities. Further, our students learn to respect differences and discover commonalities within our truly diverse community of learners.
  • More accountability: Our teachers evaluate students continuously using a variety of objective and observational tools, both formal and informal, so teachers know when students have mastered a skill or need more support.
  • More consistency: Our innovative staffing structure does away with substitute teachers by assigning each class a “flex” teacher who works side by side with the core teacher on an ongoing basis and can seamlessly fill in when needed.
  • More joy: At Beacon, students enjoy school, enjoy being who they are, enjoy taking risks and enjoy success.
  • More success: Our graduates have the powerful ability to invoke the learning process in new situations, to create from nothing — without any recipe — the solution to a new problem. Our students learn initiative, interaction, personal involvement and commitment.

Together these features provide a proven alternative to traditional ways of educating children – an alternative that produces students who experience their own remarkable capability to learn and can call on it with confidence, now and in the future.