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About Beacon

Beacon Day School is distinctive. Our students are joyful learners because we make learning fun and relevant. Our approach ensures every child knows what it feels like to reach for something that seems difficult and to be successful. Our students feel safe being who they are and expressing themselves with their teachers and classmates. Our academic pace supports steady growth with no burn-out, and for more school days than any other Bay Area school.

Families appreciate Beacon’s progressive academics and focus on the arts. Our extended day programs provide options for busy parents to know that their children are happily engaged before and after school with people who care about them. Our diverse population means children are learning in an environment that mirrors the real world. Beacon’s flexible approach to scheduling time away from school allows families to take vacations when they want to. And no homework until grade five means you can spend your family time together in the ways you want.

You can see the Beacon difference in the way students run into the building each morning with smiles on their faces, exchanging hellos with teachers, parents, and fellow students. You can see it in the confident, poised and prepared young people who graduate from Beacon each year. Explore our website, then schedule a visit to find out more about what makes our learning model so successful. The best way to discover the Beacon Difference is to see it for yourself.

Our Approach

At Beacon Day School, we share a single vision: to prepare our students to be passionate, life-long learners who are productive, healthy contributors in an ever-changing world. Beacon has delivered on this promise since 1982, because Beacon Day School is as powerful and innovative in its practice as it is in its theory. We know that every child can learn, but not on the same day, at the same time, or in the same way. Our learning environment is nothing less than hand-crafted for our real and present students.


Our Roots

After decades of working within the traditional public school system, Beacon’s founders shared a vision of establishing a new kind of educational community that would become a model school. In 1980, Thelma Farley, a seasoned public school educator, and Leslie Medine, a community organizer and social worker, envisioned a school that by the very way it was organized, by its laser-sharp focus on serving the real needs of its students, and by its open encouragement of a vital community interest in its work, would set a new standard.



Welcoming. Vibrant. Safe. These are some of the words parents use to describe the Beacon campus. Spacious classrooms provide ample room for everything from mathematics to studio art. The building houses separate facilities for the Elementary School, and the Middle School. The school includes a fully-equipped science laboratory, a computer lab, an instructional kitchen as well as dedicated makerspace, art rooms, dance rooms, and music rooms.


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